Apricot Jam Recipe

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Apricot Jam Recipe

Apricot Jam Recipe


500g whole dried apricot, chopped

juice of 3 large lemons

1.1/2 kg sugar



Place the apricots in a large pan, add 1,5 litres water, cover and leave overnight to soak.

Place a small plate in the fridge to chill. Place the apricots and water on the stove, add the lemon juice and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutess or until the apricots are tender and starting to break up.

Remove from the heat and add the sugar, stirring until it dissolves. Return to the heat and boil rapidly for 20 minutes or until setting point is reached. To check this, remove the plate from the fridge, put a spoonful of jam onto the plate and place it back in the fridge for a few more minutes – the jam should wrinkle when you push it with your finger.

Carefully pour the jam into hot sterilised jars, top with baking parchment and seal with a lid, then leave to cool and set. The jam will last for 6 months unopened in a cool, dark cupboard.

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